Wall of Love 💕


“When signing up for Edumadic, I had no idea what to expect. I had so many questions (of which the team kindly responded to) and even reached out to a ton of people on Instagram who had previously travelled with them.

This trip changed my life in too many ways to count. It pushed me to hold myself accountable with my educational pursuits. You can study and learn as much as you want to if you set yourself up for success. It also gave me a support system of Program Coordinators and fellow Edumads that I know will become lifelong friends. I had help with anything I needed, felt very safe and assured, and was NEVER alone unless I wanted to be.

Edumadic is incredible and I recommend it to everyone is wanting to take some time out of their lives to study something new while also exploring a new country and themselves.”


"Edumadic for me was the leap I needed to move my ambitions and aspirations forward. Travelling is something that has always been a dream of mine and this was the perfect stepping stone to make that dream a reality.

My personal experience on this trip was mind-blowing and unforgettable. The opportunities for growth were endless. I was exposed to different cultures, inspiring travelers, beautiful sites, delectable food, and adventures galore all while keeping myself in check with studies and work. It couldn't have been more perfect!"


_“I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I applied to Edumadic. All I knew was I had hit a brick wall after my second year in college and that I wanted to travel. Only seeing the Edumadic add on instagram once before I decided what could it hurt to apply! After some extended research on the legitimacy of the program I realized that this was exactly what I needed. I had traveled before but always with friends, I was always too hesitant to go alone. _

_Sitting on the plane to Bali, all I could think about was have I made the right decision. That was the only time during the 12 weeks that I ever doubted that decision. Throughout those 12 weeks I snorkeled in the Gili islands, hiked up an active volcano in the night for sunrise, learned to surf, spent an entire day playing with rescued elephants in Thailand, drove a scooter along the coastline of Koh Lanta, and made life long friends in the process. _

_Edumadic was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself. Not only am I confident traveling alone now but I finally found my passion in life. One of the most important things I learned over there was that you have to constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow as an individual. For that I came home a better and more confident person that I always wished to become, all thanks to Edumadic!” _


"I always wanted to do some long-term traveling before starting my professional career. However, I was not a big fan of the solo traveling idea. Perhaps I was afraid due to all the negativity on the media. Therefore, the idea of traveling with a group of like-minded people while also furthering my education was very appealing to me.

Now I can say, Edumadic was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Traveling has opened my mind to new perspectives and my fellow Edumads have inspired me to reach new levels and find my own way. Moreover, I am very happy to say I was able to experience it all while also furthering my education!

I am forever grateful for this experience. The people I met and the places we visited eventually became my family and my home away from home."


"My life used to be incredibly mundane, I felt like something was missing. I lived in an apartment with a man I thought I’d marry, went to university and worked an exhausting retail job to save up for kitchen appliances. Many of my friends had taken a gap year and traveled after high school, and I envied all of them. I thought that I didn’t have the money, time, or capacity to go on a longer trip, and I was worried about missing university, until I found Edumadic. It seemed perfect, 12 weeks of traveling and actually living in the same place for a month at a time, yet also studying independently, all with a group of amazing people.

I fell in love with the program and told myself that I will make it happen. I did everything I could to prepare, yet the day I left for the airport I was full of self doubt about what I had gotten myself into. When the heat and humidity hit me the night I arrived in Bali, I knew that a new life chapter had begun.

The following three months I cried, laughed, was pushed to my limits and beyond, forced myself outside of my comfort zone, learned to love again, made life long friendships and experienced things beyond my wildest dreams. Only on my way home, after leaving behind the life I had been leading the past months, I stood in the bathroom and looked at my freckled, lightly sunburned face and realized: I have changed, grown, become ultimately happier, and am slowly becoming the person I always strived to be. Leaving my standard, linear life and joining Edumadic has been the eye-opening experience I needed to really understand myself and what makes me who I am. Thank you Zach and all my new friends for being part of this amazing journey with me."

Taylor L

"Edumadic provided a foundation for upon which I built the confidence to become fully nomadic. Before Edumadic the thought of hopping on a plane flying to a foreign country to complete a semester of school was nerve wracking; I had traveled on my own before but never had the responsibility of completing online university in tandem. My fears were subdued as the facilities provided and the experiences shared with great friends proved this approach to travel and education really does work.

Studying online proved to be easier than expected and my main priority became building bonds and sharing experiences with those in the group. Zach is a smart guy, he has a knack for finding locations and accommodation that suits a productive environment. The whole Edumadic team were incredibly friendly and there for all of us when we needed them. I’ve gained such confidence in this way of life that I’m continuing to travel and study online for the foreseeable future! This is something I would never have done before my time with Edumadic. The whole experience allowed me to reinvent the way I study and rediscover the way I travel.

Thanks for everything guys!"

Allison E

"If you’ve come across Edumadic and are looking at the reviews for guidance - do it. Dive in! An Edumadic Program, regardless of location, is going to be so amazingly unique to this particular time in your life and an experience that you’ll never regret. In fact... you’re going to be ready for more in the end, just as I am! The experience gave me complete confidence to travel alone in new countries immediately after as well.

Having traveled solo afterwards and previously with another non study focused travel group, it became crystal clear to me that having a consistent group of travel buddies who have the same priorities as you in the way they live and explore day-to-day is truly a luxury. This is what makes Edumadic stand out and what will make you feel like you have a supportive group to call home.

_My time abroad with Edumadic allowed me to compromise with society and live life in the way I had always dreamt, while still accomplishing my expected education goals with online courses through the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Break out of the repetition and find your own way - as an Edumad. I’d do it again in a heartbeat :)" _


"After finishing high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to do next, so instead of signing up for university to get a degree in something that I wasn't passionate about, I jetted off to Australia for a few months to broaden my horizons and perhaps get some inspiration for what I wanted to do next. I absolutely loved my time down under, it was such a great adventure that I will cherish forever.

Coming home was tough. I was confronted with the reality that I had to move my education forward, but I'd fallen in love with travelling and the thought of tying myself down to a university for 3 or 4 years did not sit well with me. I had a better idea of the direction I wanted to go, but still didn't feel ready to commit to it.

So when I heard about Edumadic it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to keep travelling whilst also really figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with my life, and working towards those things.

Having spent 12 weeks travelling with Edumadic, I can say that it was a huge step in the right direction. I made new friends with the same mindset and curiosity as me, travelled to beautiful places, and at the end of it all, managed to finish two online courses, which is much more than I thought I would if I'm being completely honest! These courses confirmed the direction I wanted to take my education, and gave me the confidence to commit wholeheartedly to the pursuit of it.

I couldn't be more thankful that I took this opportunity!"


"I found Edumadic at a point in my life where I stood at a figurative fork in the road with three paths to choose from, each holding a drastically different future for me. The first of these paths involved me continuing to work. The second path had me pursuing my passion to travel, and the third was a familiar one that lead back to school to chase another piece of paper to frame and hang on the wall.

_Edumadic provided me a program that merged two of these paths allowing me to pursue them simultaneously. It allowed me to travel to Asia, a place I wouldn't of travelled to on my own due to a stigma that had been placed in my head by the media and my surroundings. I can now confidently say that I have never been more wrong in my life and I never would’ve thought I'd enjoy this part of the world as much as I did. _

It also allowed me take the third path and advance my education in an unconventional way. Most people advance their education from a stationary campus but with Edumadic my campus was wherever I wanted it to be. By taking online courses I could study from anywhere I pleased be that a beach in India, a co-working space in Chiang Mai or a coffee shop in Bali.

Finally Edumadic put together a very well selected group of people with similar goals and compatible personalities that not only made the journey a productive one but an extremely fun one. Many think travelling and studying can't go hand in hand but when you are surrounded by a group of like minded people who all have their own studies to pursue it makes it possible. Through this journey with Edumadic I have made memories and relationships with people that will stay with me forever."


“Before Edumadic I was not comfortable traveling alone. I was stuck in my comfort zone. When the idea of Edumadic was presented to me, I knew right away that it was what I needed.

After graduating high school, I jumped straight into work as a freelance web developer and photographer. I was already aware that I could educate myself online and I had been taking free online courses for the past four years. I was also aware that the work I was doing with these new skills could be done remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Could I have done this trip alone? Yes. But after just the first day on my trip I remembered why I didn't. Edumadic is a community. The people in my group started to become an everyday part of my life. We worked together, ate meals together, and even collaborated on projects. Traveling alone is lonely and scary sometimes, but with the Edumadic group I knew I always had friends to lean on.

After 6 weeks in paradise I had accomplished more than I have in my entire career. The group leaders gave great tips on everything you could want to know about the area we stayed in. They also organized trips for us every week which was a huge blessing and time saver. Along the way I met tons of friends from all over the world that I'll forever be in touch with.

Today I'm already thinking about when my next trip will be. A huge thank you to Edumadic for taking me outside my comfort zone.”


"Long term travel is something that's always been on my radar, and I finally had the opportunity to make it a reality with Edumadic. The opportunity to combine it with online education was too good to turn down. The experience as a whole has taught me so much about living in different countries and helped me grow as a person alongside a group of inspiring people. Being able to share memorable experiences through our adventures was golden. The atmosphere was so friendly and everyone in the group had something to add, which often led to great conversation. The Edumadic team were always on hand which was a lifesaver on more than one occasion!

It was a hell of a ride and helped me gain some much needed perspective after graduating. Not to mention the friends and memories I made, which I will cherish for a long time to come."

Erin P

"Traveling with Edumadic was an amazing experience. It was comforting to know all accommodations were organized by Edumadic's team of experienced travelers. Edumadic also provided a small group of like-minded individuals to travel with. This little group becomes so tight it's like being part of a family by the end of the trip.

Most importantly what I gained from all of it was confidence in myself, and comfort in knowing I can pursue whatever it is that I want. It taught me that you don’t have to choose between a dream of traveling and an education.

I’ll never forget the friends I made, the wonderful foods I tried, the scooter rides across the most beautiful island, the crystal clear beaches we swam in, and relaxing in a hammock watching the stars feeling overwhelmingly grateful to be having this experience."


"Although I'm a seasoned traveler and have lived in quite a few places, I've always been hesitant to take the leap of fully becoming a digital nomad. Doing this program was the perfect 'intro' to that lifestyle. Through Edumadic, I found the confidence to work and study in different parts of the world, and thrive doing so. I fell in love with new cities, and made friends with people full of the same passion to travel, learn, and grow. I'm glad I became an Edumad and I can't wait to do something like this all over again!”


"12 weeks, 3 homes, 9 cities visited, 53 online lessons from 8 different educational platforms, 5 songs learnt on guitar, 39 yoga sessions, and most importantly, 11 friends for a lifetime.

Having followed the standard cycle of “study hard, get good grades, and repeat” all my life, and before entering the next round of “work hard, get promotions, and repeat” phase, I’m glad Edumadic has come in, twisted my lifeline, and showed me what more is out there. Yes, travelling and studying could co-exist; no, foreigners are not monsters; and hey, I can and I will do the crazy things like cliff jumping, free diving, and windsurfing with my fellow Edumads!

“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks”. - Twelfth Night, Shakespeare"


"From travelling model to travelling student was a big change in lifestyle but I'm so happy I took the leap. I joined the program to give myself time to learn, read, explore and figure out my next step in life. And I certainly did all of those things, from hammocks in India, cafés in Thailand, and Villas in Bali!

Throughout this trip I did things I would never have dreamt before. I've kayaked 3 kilometres round an island in the Arabian Sea and surfed in Bali, which is quite the feat if you consider I was scared of the sea when I first arrived! I've climbed active volcanoes in the middle of the night, driven a scooter through the mountains of northern Thailand for 4 hours, and fallen in love with Muay Thai. It's safe to say my comfort zone has been well and truly shattered!

As well as my fellow Edumads, I met lots of people who opened my eyes to the world that we live in and the opportunities available to me if I had the bravery and curiorisity to seek them out. These are the lessons that travel itself teaches you, that no university, book, or online course can.

Someone once said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, that is definitely true of my Edumadic experience!"


“When I first applied to Edumadic, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had only seen one post on instagram of an insanely photogenic beach and impulsively followed the link and filled out the application form without any further research until I was contacted for the first interview.

I had been considering taking my next semester fully online and maybe working or road-tripping the United States, but didn't really think about international travel just because I had never done anything that huge before; and honestly, it is crazy daunting to think of traveling internationally on your own for the first time. When I saw the opportunity that Edumadic offered, it really made sense- the ability to travel fairly independently, but also to have the knowledge and experience of guides who knew what they were doing.

The trip itself was more than I thought it would be-- I made lifelong friendships with people that helped me grow, we traveled to places that I never even knew existed and I finished my two year degree all in the span of three months.

The people organizing the trip were supportive and helpful, and being around other students really forced me to study and do my work despite the potentially distracting settings.

Overall my trip gave me more confidence and a better idea of what I want to do with my life!”


“Edumadic provided an opportunity for an experience at a time when I sorely needed one. Just having graduated from teacher’s college, I wasn’t ready to jump into my career, and was really looking for an opportunity to explore the world for a few months. I couldn’t really justify taking 3 months off just to travel, and Edumadic created an ideal environment to take a few extra teaching courses online while living abroad.

Not only were locations vetted and hand-picked to best suit the life of a travelling student, but the organization succeeded in bringing together a community of people all committed to pursuing online education.

I personally enjoyed the fact that I always a program coordinator available to recommend and plan the best experiences/activities in the area we were staying, but I was also given the freedom to explore at my own pace and study when and where I wanted.

I’ve made some wonderful friendships and cultivated a love for Southeast Asia thanks to Edumadic. I would highly recommend this experience to those looking for a fun new adventure with a group of like-minded travellers.”

Melissa Presti

"I took a huge leap of faith with Edumadic and quit my career to see if it was possible to explore new opportunities while traveling with the benefit of unlimited vacation time. I thought the best case scenario would be if I connected with some interesting people and had a few memorable adventures to look back on.

Now I can say that best case scenario x100 wouldn't do justice to the last three months. I formed lifelong friendships with everyone and I can't imagine not having those crazy, adventurous spirits in my life! The entire experience challenged what I already knew about travel, it constantly forced me out of my comfort zone, and I discovered that I'm a lot more fearless than I thought!

I'm now motivated to find a remote job that will accommodate lifelong learning and exploring, and I owe that all to Edumadic."


“In the final months of my degree I was thinking, Bea, now what are you going to do with your life? You have a great summer ahead of you that you should make the most of. Soon work will start and you won't have time for extended trips abroad. I wanted to travel but I also wanted to continue looking for a job and start studying towards the CFA. It was while having these questions that a friend mentioned that I should look into Edumadic. Without much thought I said why not? And submitted my application.

And voilà, three months later I was with a group of motivated, ambitious, curious and adventurous people. I was in paradise, improving my English, studying and taking time to finalise the career I would go into once the summer was over. One of the things I like most about Edumadic was the community, all from different countries, with a desire to learn, not only from their course but from other cultures as well.

Apart from the wonderful memories I have with all of them, I loved learning about their countries, their lifestyles and their different points of view. Now I can only say, when we make the next reunion?“

Alex D

“From the start of my time in college I knew I wanted to do a big trip somewhere, I started saving money where I could, I had lofty dreams of backpacking Europe or exploring South America for a couple months. I was never really sure where I wanted to go, just that I had a hunger for travel. At the time of graduation I was finding I still needed experience in programming languages to land some jobs that interested me. I almost gave up on my dream to travel post grad when I stumbled across Edumadic, promising to fulfill your traveling desires while enabling you to learn things that YOU want.

When I arrived in Bali I had no idea what to expect, I just flew across the world to travel with a group of strangers. All of the irrational fears that I had upon arrival were instantly gone upon meeting the group. Experiencing all these incredible things together like 2 AM hikes up a mountain to catch a sunrise that literally takes your breath away; to just having your morning cup of coffee together at the local cafe while you study, we formed bonds that reach all over the world.

_I highly recommend Edumadic to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation that I was in. I was able to complete two different courses that allowed me to create my own programs and add them to job applications and formed memories and friendships that will last a lifetime in the process!” _


"I was finishing up my Associate’s degree and deciding what to do and where to go afterwards when I came across Edumadic on Instagram. I applied for the Edumadic program on a whim. It was one of the most spontaneous decisions I have ever made. I didn’t know what to expect, but the promise of travel while taking a few different online courses to help me decide what to do next, sounded like exactly what I needed: a break from campus, and the opportunity to fulfil my ever growing desire to see the world.

A few of my favorite aspects of the trip were staying in the same spot each month, as well as almost weekly excursions in each location. By staying in the same area the whole month, we were able to establish routines and become regulars at local eateries where the workers knew us by name. I loved being able to share the experiences and adventures with the same group of people throughout the length of the trip. This program helped me develop the skills needed to further my education and world travel beyond Edumadic. Plus, I have another excuse to travel; to visit my fellow Edumads!

I put off writing this review because it feels like once I do, my Edumadic experience will be over. I explored and lived in the most beautiful places and met so many amazing people throughout the length of the program, producing memories and photographs I will cherish forever."


“I joined Edumadic as a girl who didn’t know what she wanted. I came back with a plan and lots of motivation to carry it out. Edumadic helped me finding myself back and gave me the time of my life! Meeting so many different people from different cultures taught me a lot and I’m forever grateful for that experience.

I went to Bali for 6 weeks with other like-minded people, we became close friends and spent most of our free time together, eating, surfing, traveling, and studying.

Being able to combine traveling, meeting beautiful souls from all over the world and studying was a life changing experience ! I wish I could do it all over again. Bali stole my heart and I’m forever grateful to be an Edumad.”


_“I decided a few years ago to make the scary decision to choose Global & International Studies as my major at university. It came with loads of questions like "What's that?" and "What kind of job are you going to have with that degree?" and "Is that even a major?" I decided that no amount of confused relatives or doubt about my financial future could stop me from learning more about our world, new cultures, and what it truly means to be a global citizen. _

I spent many semesters learning about international development, world religions, and global economics from books and professors, but I did not truly understand what these concepts look like in action until I traveled with Edumadic.

Edumadic was the perfect opportunity for me to practice what I had learned previously about intercultural exchange, and to develop the ideas of globalization I was learning through my online course during the trip. I was able to see firsthand what everyday life is like in a different culture.

During the trip, I also became very close with my fellow Edumads. Interacting regularly with peers from different states and countries was extremely valuable to me, and gave me the opportunity to create new international friendships.

Overall, Edumadic helped me to further my international education without the price of overseas tuition. It also helped me create new friendships and memories that I hope to have for a lifetime. Most importantly, Edumadic helped me push myself to try something new and scary, that ultimately became one of the best and most transformational experiences of my life.”


"Edumadic has been a priceless experience and the most smooth sailing trip of my life thanks to the trip coordinators who planned amazing weekly adventures to stunning and exciting places around the region. More importantly it has encouraged me to grow and learn, to experiment, and to reach out of my comfort zone.

It is the perfect first step in travelling solo, you arrive into a supportive community and leave with a group of like-minded, lifelong friends. You have all the flexibility in the world to go off exploring or to take time on your individual project, and there will always be someone up for going on a little adventure, or to simply sit in a cafe with you and study.

_When I first arrived I wasn't convinced that I would be self motivated enough to work regularly but when the people around you say they are going to a cafe or co-working space you find yourself joining them and getting your work done without barely realising it's happening. I felt so productive and a huge satisfaction with what I was achieving and was so grateful for the support from my Edumadic family who gave me the confidence to finally put my artwork out there which I could never have done before. _

So thank you Edumadic for an experience I can never forget, for a boost in self-confidence and for gifting me with a family and a home away from home."

Erin O

"When I first came across Edumadic I was living in a tiny flat in London doing a degree I wasn’t at all enjoying, squatting under some stairs as protection from the rain after having lost my keys down a questionable public toilet, waiting for a friend to come and let me in. It looked idyllic, suddenly there it was, all these beach sunsets, mountains and annoyingly happy looking people. I applied on a bit of a whim and then before I knew it I was accepted onto the program! Slipping a deferral form under my Drama department door and packing my bags.

I may have been tad nervous at the idea of hopping of to a strange country, with people I’d never met, to take a course I’d always thought about doing but never had time for, that had absolutely nothing to do with the degree I was enrolled on…

It was the best decision I could have made for myself at that time.

I’m now qualified to teach English all over the world thanks to Edumadic and their friendly nudge. It gave me the perfect safe and supportive learning environment while encouraging me to go off and have incredible adventures with some of the most inspiring and wonderful people I’ve ever met. It was an impulse I couldn’t be more glad I followed through with and would do it again in a heartbeat."


“Edumadic gave me an experience I never thought I would get, with a fantastic group of people. I climbed an active volcano, saw waterfalls and beaches, saw plenty of amazing sunsets. The chance to have this fantastic experience with a group who had different lives and outlooks to me made it much better for me. The balance of adventure and study was perfect, and I loved having the flexibility to study as much as I wanted. I managed to achieve my goal of getting the first draft of my dissertation completed. I really appreciated that living there really gave us a chance to find a routine and to experience Bali as a local!”

Cassie F

"Too nervous to travel alone and too unmotivated to spend the next three years of my life in a traditional classroom, I was drawn to Edumadic’s promise of travelling AND studying with a group of people with the same mindset as me.

Not only did Edumadic deliver on that promise, they exceeded my already-high expectations and gave me one of the best experiences of my life. Edumadic provided the perfect blend of study and travel in locations I would never have thought could offer such quality studying opportunities.

I was afraid that I would lose motivation halfway through as I had with past courses, but with Edumadic, it was easy to stay on track. Without having to worry about organising accommodation, transport and all the other menial activities, I could focus on studying and creating life-long memories with the other Edumads.

During my time with Edumadic, I spent four days on a boat in search of giant Komodo dragons, climbed an active volcano to watch an incredible sunrise, swam with manta rays, turtles and reef sharks, and spent an entire day playing with rescued elephants!

The people I’ve met, the bonds I’ve formed and the memories I’ve created will stay with me forever. Not only have I learnt so much from my online classes, but I’ve also gained invaluable knowledge from people I will now always consider to be my friends.

Thank you Edumadic for providing us with an amazing opportunity to explore South East Asia in a truly unconventional way.”

Caitlin C

"Edumadic is the ideal balance between the freedom and independence of traveling abroad and the sense of community that is key to creating meaningful experiences.

With the opportunity for each individual to pick their own course of study, the group brings together a diverse set of ideas. One of my favorite memories from the trip was sitting on our front porches and having deep and meaningful discussions about our beliefs and challenging each other to consider each others different perspectives of the world.

When I first accepted my spot on the trip, I had no idea if I was making the right decision. After what I would consider to be a life changing experience, I have no doubt it was the right choice and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about spending time abroad."

Anna J

"When talking to my friends back home while away on my Edumadic trip, the only words I could come up with to describe my experience were, “I’m out here living my best life”. This is what I told them time and time again when they asked how things were going this statement was completely true. My time with Edumadic was extremely fulfilling not only educationally through the courses I completed, but socially as well, being surrounded by people that wanted to experience and explore the world in the same way I did.

Before Edumadic, I spent many days at the desk of my dead end administrative job dreaming of being a digital nomad and traveling all over, but the idea of starting it alone was daunting, and what if I hated it? Edumadic was a great way to test the waters of working in different locations and I now have the confidence to go it alone should I be lucky enough to land a remote position. I also have more confidence in following my own path and doing what feels right for me versus following the “normal” path society expects of us.

The new people, places, and experiences I came across in my three months with Edumadic have opened my eyes to things I never would have experienced had I stayed where I was, and I will be forever grateful for it."


“After an 8-month backpacking bender, I returned home to complete my degree and graduated from University. Soon after, I was in a bit of a rut, trying to figure out what to do next - pursue higher education or feed my travel urges. I knew that online courses existed but I also knew how difficult it would be to balance school work with traveling, especially living in hostels with other backpackers, having to fight against FOMO on a daily basis.

Edumadic came into my life at the perfect time! Once I found the program, I applied for a Masters program which could be completed entirely online. Fast forward a few months, I was studying a field that I’m extremely passionate about, all while traveling South East Asia with like-minded students/travellers. Edumadic gave me the perfect balance of online studies, socialization, independence, and traveling. It also takes the stress away from planning accommodations, weekend trips and day to day activities.

Not only has Edumadic given me the chance to focus on my studies while traveling the world, it also brought so many amazing people into my life, many of whom I consider to be my closest friends. Edumadic gave me the chance to face my fears, step out of my comfort zone, become more dedicated in my field of studies, see more of the world, and make life-long memories with amazing people!”

Taylor E

"When I stumbled upon Edumadic I was at a point in my life where I felt I needed to further my education, but would rather spend my time travelling. The idea of doing both simultaneously had never occured to me, and this sudden opportunity to do so with a like-minded group of people was incredibly appealing.

I was really looking forward to learning about the culture in the countries we’d be living. Spending a full month in each destination, along with the planning and know-how of the Edumadic team, made it possible to appreciate the unique details of each community we were submersed in.

Perhaps the best aspect of the trip was the group of people I had the pleasure of spending three months with. Although I was on this trip to complete a portion of my formal schooling, the most valuable education was that which I gained from the people around me. Through both direct conversations and indirect actions, my fellow Edumads taught me so much about art, travel, beauty, humanity, and most of all, love. I wound up learning so much more about myself and the world around me, and I emerged a much happier, more confident person."


"When accepting the Edumadic offer, all I wanted was to be out of corporate life. I had no real idea of where I was going or what was in store. The locations were some I knew very little about, and most likely never would have traveled to if it weren’t as part of this Program. I had worked remotely before, so time management wasn’t an issue. The reason for not travelling until now was the fear of being an “ignorant American”. I soon learnt that it’s not so bad to be ignorant of the world if you’re devoted to fixing it.

I fell in love with the cultures I was exposed to, and found close friendships in every place we visited. Being surrounded by like-minded people from all over gave me a larger taste of the world, more than I could ever taste at home.

Writing this, I’ve been home for less than a month and I’m already longing for the crazy adventures, late night talks, and cuddles shared between my newly found family. I am incredibly grateful for the people I met, for they have validated many things in my existence and helped me develop a greater sense of myself."

Jess R

"I found Edumadic on Instagram and was instantly drawn to the idea of taking a sabbatical through them. After studying the company a little more I was really intrigued by the format, community, and security of the program. I joined them in Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai, and Bali. This time in a different part of the world was the perfect reset button from my stressful life at home. I was able to travel with a group of people, a flexible itinerary and support from the Edumadic team. I loved the activities they suggested, and the foundation of our trip was perfectly curated. I personally felt like my only requirement was to show up, and it made the trip that much more relaxing.

During the trip, you have time and flexibility to do as you please. I spent many days with my group, and I also had the freedom to explore on my own when I wanted. I think the semi-autonomous format of Edumadic is a massive upside. You never feel like you’re trapped on a tour bus, and you also never feel alone. I’ll always have extremely fond memories of my time in Asia!”

Allison C

“I’d had dreams of long term travel since college. Fast forward to late 2017: I’m working full time in my field and living in a big city. And I feel stuck. I came across Edumadic on Instagram, and decided to go for it after much deliberation because it seemed to address my very specific desires. I wanted to leave the city I was living in, I wanted to travel, and I wanted to develop professionally.

Having travelled internationally before, I wasn’t afraid to hop on a plane alone to another country. But I was nervous about losing focus on my studies, making friends, and well, just being able to explore these new destinations. My fears were quickly assuaged; between dizzyingly narrow coastal climbs, regular sunset escapes to the beach, or a good old-fashioned study session at a cute cafe, my Edumadic experience was just like what I dreamed of in college — and then some. The Edumadic team and my fellow Edumads were instrumental in this unforgettable period of my life.

In a situation like the one I had been in, it can be hard to realize your life needs a disruption. Edumadic was the disruption I needed, and I am so thankful that I chose this path. It has allowed me to test the waters of living in another country and remote working, and in doing so I move forward with more confidence and intention.”

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