Zach Clenaghan

<p>Zach has twice been the archetypical young professional in the city of London. With a stint in both Banking and Management Consulting, Zach felt the career paths he had been sold throughout his formal education were never going to live up to his ambitions of having a fulfilling and interesting life. With this realisation he did what every reasonable person would do, quit his job and moved to Morocco in the simultaneous pursuit of self education and world travel.</p><p>To cut a <a href="">long story</a> short, 8 months into the journey, Zach had a revelation. This would have been infinitely easier with a community of like minded people working towards similar goals to travel with. From that revelation came the founding of Edumadic, a company Zach wished existed when he first started out on this journey into the unknown realm of combining online education with world travel. So many of the struggles he encountered would be solved by being part of the community and program that Edumadic curates.</p><p>‍</p>

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