Will is a 24 year old Canadian who has been working as a Quality Control Supervisor since leaving university.

As soon as Will left university he jetted off to Europe with 5 friends and spent 3 months travelling all over the continent. As with so many people that take similar trips, this ignited in him a desire to see more of the world and have more mind bending experiences. However, a job was calling him home. So further travel would have to wait.

Another reason why Will was holding off on travelling again was that he wanted to go back to school. There were a couple classes that he needed to complete to finish his undergraduate degree.

When he heard about Edumadic, Will thought that it was a great opportunity to satisfy these two things playing on his mind, completing his education and seeing more of the world.

Having got the all clear from work and transferring his credits to a university that would allow him to complete his degree online, Will was free to join the Inaugural Edumadic Program!

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai