Victoria is a 20 year old university student with roots in Germany and Denmark, and spent a large part of her childhood living around the world!

As the daughter of Danish and German expats, Victoria grew up as a global citizen, most notably in Vietnam during her earliest baby and toddler years and vacationed in Indonesia and Thailand at a young age. She has been dreaming of returning to each of these countries ever since to make connections to her past and create new memories.

The Edumadic itinerary for the Belatrusa program coincidentally aligned with that dream, and she knew it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

This is a big step traveling outside the comfort zone of her family, and many of Victoria’s friends who have traveled long term confided that they often found it to be isolating without a routine and sense of purpose. By taking her university courses to an online platform, she created a schedule that would provide structure to her travels as she also explored her personal history with each location.

Her current studies at Freie University in Berlin are in Comparative World Literature and Political Science, and she has been incorporating her passion for human rights into her Edumadic experience.

“…these specific courses all have a large emphasis on international topics, which would be useful to study whilst travelling and observing them in person…human rights is always a relevant topic — no matter where in the world you currently are. I believe that every person has some sort of opinion on various topics involving human rights, and I would love to share and discuss with fellow Edumadic friends during study and travel time!”

Throughout her travels with the group thus far, Victoria is still learning where she wants to focus her attention when she returns to Berlin and allow these experiences to shape her career aspirations, even if that means rethinking things completely. The world around her has impacted what she truly values in life and will continue to do so long after this program comes to a close.

“I take pride in coping with moving around often and having to make new friends during my adolescence — it has been a hard and long journey…and I often would’ve wished to have had an ordinary life, but I now see how positively it has shaped my view of the world.”

Locations visited:

Koh Lanta