Teyah is a 19 year old American from Ohio who has recently returned from a 6 month solo backpacking trip through Europe and the middle east.

During the trip she visited 16 countries, her favourite being Israel, where she lived and worked in a communal house for almost 3 months. 

“My favorite country was Israel because of the sense of community they have is so strong, I also love the dessert and met so many beautiful people there.”

Teyah funded both her 6 month backpacking trip and this current trip with Edumadic entirely herself through sheer hard work. 

“for 6 months before I left I worked 60 hours a week at three jobs to save up for it while living on my own and the trip was 100% paid for myself through all my work.  My whole life it had been my dream to do something like that and I want to keep doing it and living my dream.”

Teyah is working on design and art while on our program. She has dreams of becoming a tattoo artist, and the time and space that’s available to her during the 3 months she’s with us is giving her time to develop her skills. She’s even found a few willing volunteers on this program to practice on!

You can find Teyah on instagram @teyahcollin and you can find her tattoos here: @trippy.t.tattoos

Locations visited:

Canary Islands