Taylor L

Taylor is a 20 year old American from Idaho who spent a gap year after high school traveling around New Zealand and participating in the WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) program, which completely changed her outlook on traditional education.

After realizing she was unable to reintegrate herself into the American college culture at Southern Oregon University, she decided to take a break and pursue more real life experiences through travel.

“Ever since coming home from a year in New Zealand I felt there would never be another way to satisfy my thirst for adventure. I wanted something more challenging, something that provided hands-on life experience, education, and excitement at the same time. The four years of book learning I had signed myself up for suddenly seemed like a jail sentence. I want to streamline my education while not sacrificing my youth trapped in the walls of a classroom.”

While Taylor is interested in studying sustainability and permaculture, she’s also an aspiring photographer and media producer — and runs her own production company! On this trip she will be continuing to develop creative content as well as independently study the industrial agriculture of foreign countries.

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai
Koh Phangan