Taylor E

Taylor is a 20 year old Canadian from the “true north” of the Yukon Territory and currently lives in High River, Alberta.

She’s studying Animal Welfare through an online certificate program with Thompson Rivers University. She is passionate about the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected animals, and hopes this trip will provide helpful insight and inspiration to continue in this career direction.

Luckily the Southeast Asia locations on our trip have an abundance of animals in need of care (and homes!) that will surely convince Taylor that she’s on the right path.While she was weighing her options at home and deciding whether she really wanted to put herself through years of school, she discovered Edumadic and a long-term traveling experience easily became a priority.

“I have been wanting to travel for quite some time, but haven’t had anyone to go with and haven’t desired travelling solo without gaining sufficient experience first…this is such an interesting and unique program, and I would love to be part of something that emphasizes both furthering one’s education through experience and creating a community of like-minded people.”

After her travels end this year, Taylor plans to head back to Canada and complete a diploma to become an Animal Health Technician, continue traveling, and see where in the world she can put her passion to good use!

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai
Koh Phangan