Sara is a 20 year old canadian, who has dreamt about travelling overseas ever since she was a kid!

“I am always doing research on different places around the work that I would love to travel to but I just don’t know where to begin’.

Currently on her pre-university gap year, Sara finally began her travel adventures by joining our Bali summer program with environmental studies in mind. Undertaking an online course on the subject, Sara hopes to not only learn more about nature through education, but also through her personal experience of being in another country that has a completely different environment, climate and culture.

“I care deeply about the environment and am always learning new ways to make a difference. I think travel while taking this course is a good way to give me new perspective and a different look at the environment from a different place other than my own home”.

In her free time, Sara enjoys jogging, reading, playing with her dog, hunting, fishing and hanging out with her family.

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