Sabrina is a 19 year old who joins us from Germany. Her hometown of Kevelaer (outside of Dusseldorf) is a small one, but her ambitions are greater than her origins.

Right now she has a gap between finishing high school and starting university classes, and she found Edumadic while looking for an experience that would prepare her before she begins this new chapter in life.

As an aspiring artist, Sabrina’s goal is to combine ordinary art with her passion for photography, while incorporating modern art methods into her work. She has learned and practiced various styles from an artist over the years, and even held her own art exhibit in Germany a week before leaving for Bali! She plans to take her vision to university in the Fall where she will be studying Communication Design.

During this program, she will be taking an intensive English language course and exploring illustration and photography classes online in preparation.

Traveling will provide Sabrina with the perfect opportunities to continue expanding her horizon outside of Germany, socializing with travelers from all over the world with similar aspirations — all while practicing her English-speaking skills!

“I want to fall in love with new cities, learn more about myself, become independent, meet new people, make new friends, experience different and new cultures, make unforgettable memories, take big adventures, and improve my English.”

That’s quite the to-do list, and taking the first big step to travel far outside her comfort zone will help check each one off!

Locations visited:

Koh Lanta