Rylee is a 21 year old American from North Carolina currently studying for her undergraduate degree in international business.

After completing the first year of her associated degree, Rylee had a realisation. Because she had so few credits left to complete her associates degree, she could transfer to a different college and take them online. Rylee was already thinking about travelling while taking these credits before she heard about Edumadic.

Rylee had taken a few trips abroad with her family before, and was planning to travel through Europe while completing her credits. However, having never travelled solo, an Edumadic program where she could have the security of travelling with a group, particularly of other people studying online, was very appealing.

“I feel like Edumadic would provide a great learning experience, a controlled environment where I can try new things with the safety of a group and also the option for independence that I will need to travel on my own in the future.”

As this program comes to a close, Rylee has certainly caught the travel bug. She’s already got road trips across America, a work visa in Australia, and a return to Asia in the works for 2019!

When Rylee isn’t acing her college exams, you’ll most likely find her in the surf, stuffing her face, or gatecrashing the nearest hostel.

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai
Koh Phangan