Quinn is 22 year old, from Colorado and has just completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and Economics.

She attended college in Chicago and had been challenged, especially in her final year, learning to balance difficult subjects such as economics, biology as well as studying, her health, work, internships and relationships.

Quinn loves nature, being outdoors, and fitness. Whilst she doesn’t see herself as a ‘total granola hippy tree-hugger’ she feels as though she owes it to nature to learn as much as possible, which is what she’s been spending her time doing while on the program.

She is specifically interested in molecular neuroscience, molecular biology and genetics and hopes to go further with her studies in this field. During her time with us in Bali she gained clarity on her next steps academically which will be to pursue a Master’s Degree in this field.

This isn’t Quinn’s first time to Bali or even Asia! During high school, she lived in Shanghai, China with her family for two years. During this time, she was able to explore different parts of Asia, including places such as Japan, HongKong and the Philippines.

‘After all this, I can honestly say that Bali was my absolute favorite place of them all. I felt the cultural and environmental connection right away and as soon as we left, I could not wait to get back. It's just a lovely, beautiful place’ .

Edumadic is just the beginning of Quinns travels. She’s staying on after the program in Bali completing an internship, after which she will venture over to Thailand.

Locations visited: