Melissa Presti

Melissa is a 31 year old American originally from Ohio. She’s spent the last 9 years living in New York working at a major book publisher.

Melissa has felt privileged to be able to live in New York and work at some of the biggest publishing houses in the business, but feels she’s at a crossroads in her life that means she has to make some drastic changes, if she’s going to get to where she wants both professionally and personally in the next 5 years or so. She’s been meaning to work towards these longer term goals in her evenings and weekends, but the demands of her day job mean she’s never been able to.

“My employers have always provided me with supplementary education options and access to online programs — yet without the time to actually engage with them. When I get home from work I don’t have the mental capacity or energy to invest in any of those courses. But we read everywhere that if you have a passion, you’ll find the time to make it happen and learn all that you can. So each day I feel like I’ve failed those passions a little bit more.”

She’s also always been left wanting more when it comes to her trips abroad.

“Each time I travel it never seems to be long enough to become part of the daily life in that particular corner of the world, which for me, is the whole point of traveling. I want to have enough time to be both tourist and resident, so that I really immerse myself in the culture.”

For Melissa, Edumadic offers the perfect mix of personal development and travel. Allowing her to move closer to her long term goals, as well as exploring the world more widely and deeply.

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai