Marlee is from Pennsylvania, United States and has had her heart set on Bali since she first laid eyes on its beautiful tropical landscapes.

Marlee joined our Summer Bali program to step out of her comfort zone and explore a new part of the world.

‘International travel is one of the most eye-opening adventures an individual can partake in. International experience allows you to develop a real-world understanding of different cultures, races, languages, religions, and landscapes’.

She has previously travelled to both China and Costa Rica, studying, researching and learning about the sustainability and environment of both countries whilst exploring their diverse cultures and landscapes.

Having recently graduated with an environmental geoscience degree, Marlee has decided to use her time on the program to explore graduate school options as well as applying to jobs related to her field of study.

When Marlee isn't working to save mother earth, she is a passionate artist and creator, with a small business selling her beautiful handmade dreamcatchers, flower crowns and canvas prints.We are so excited to have Marlee’s bubbly and warm heart join us on our Bali Summer program.

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