Maricel is 18, currently taking a gap year before attending University back home in Scotland this coming September.

She has a severe case of the travel bug and has spent the past year backpacking through Europe and Morocco. One of the highlights of that time in Europe was completing a section of the Camino de Santiago trail where she walked for 6 days from France, across the border to Spain.

Whilst with us in Bali, Maricel is diving back into her passion for art. Whilst completing school, she focused her attention on exams and study, which meant a painfully long hiatus from expressing herself through a paintbrush or pencil.

“Traveling to somewhere like Bali with its famously picturesque sites seems like a wonderful opportunity to find my own personal style while branching out and testing new and different art techniques from a different cultural perspective and improving upon old ones”.

Maricel will also be working on building a website and portfolio for her art. For her, it’s important to dive in and build a solid foundation for her passions before directing her attention toward her philosophy and psychology studies in September.  

Maricel loves the outdoors and hopes to spend her birthday in Bali, snorkeling in the beautiful oceans!

Locations visited:

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