Madeline is a 22 year-old Canadian who graduated this year with a degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy from the University of Guelph.

Back in high school, Madeline developed a deep interest for the criminal justice system in Canada. And as she began traveling, her interest expanded to an international level. She started asking new questions, "How does culture affect the prison system of any given country? What policies work best in which countries and why?”

To expand her travel experience, Madeline spent a semester in university taking classes online while living abroad in France. She then continued backpacking for four months afterward in Morocco, Spain, Egypt, and Austria to name a few.

As of today, Madeline has visited 36 countries. Her original goal was to visit 40 countries by 25 years old, but as she plans to hit that goal this year, she’s ambitiously looking to set a new travel goal.

After backpacking through Europe, Madeline returned home to Canada to complete her undergraduate degree. But once she had a taste of combining online education and world travel, she knew she wanted to continue on that path.

While on this trip, Madeline will be starting her MSc in Criminal Psychology and International Criminal Justice online through the University of Portsmouth in the UK.

“Edumadic gives me the space to pursue online education with a community of other like minded individuals and also continue to explore my love of world travel.”

Travel has helped Madeline understand the mindset of the people within a country and how that can be extrapolated to understanding their criminal justice system. Beyond that, she believes travel is the perfect space for personal growth.

“Traveling forces me to step outside my comfort zone, meet new people, and ultimately, learn about myself in the process.”

When she isn’t studying, you can find Madeline taking beautiful photos of Thailand, shooting GoPro footage, or updating her travel Instagram.

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