Laura is 20 years old, from Dallas, Texas.

All her life, she has been drawn to travel and it wasn't until her fall semester at college that she realised that her dreams would not be fulfilled by a 9-5.

‘This is the moment that the travel fever started to set in, I began to research, read blog posts, look at flight costs and I slowly began to realize that traveling wasn't as ridiculous as people made it seem. I told myself this is the dream I want to be chasing, not a degree in business where I’m stuck in an office’.

Laura spent the month prior to our asia program travelling around europe, solo. She spent a large part of her trip teaching english in Poland, which inspired her to complete her Teaching English in a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate whilst on our program.

She hadn't done a lot of travel prior to this year. However, she had spent two weeks in France and England in 2018, which of course, made the travel bug worse and has since then been working multiple  jobs to save up for her adventures.

“Throughout my life I was always somebody who was okay with being what other people wanted me to be, changing myself to feel more comfortable around others. Recently over the past year, I have finally begun to become my own person and everyday I’m discovering something new about myself”.

Since being on the program, Laura has decided to pursue fashion design, in the hopes of one day creating her own sustainable clothing line. She hopes to begin studying next year in New York and turn these dreams into a reality!

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