Kendall is a 20 year old American from Charleston, South Carolina.

Kendall is pursuing a massage therapy certificate online which will set her up to become a fully qualified massage therapist through more in depth study in the future. She’s also taking a few courses on personal growth to better understand herself and others.

A couple of months into Kendall’s 2nd year at university, she realised that her future career is probably not going to require a degree. She was paying out a lot of money purely because society had told her that’s what she was supposed to do once she finished High School. She realised that pursuing that piece of paper was the path of least resistance, rather than necessarily the one that will lead her to where she wants to go.

Kendall also realised that maybe the most important thing to do at this stage in her life was really figure out what exactly it was she wanted to do. And maybe this should have been her first step after high school instead of jumping straight into college, maybe it should be everyone’s.

“This honestly seems like a dream come true. I’ve been conditioned to crave and seek adventure. I recently dropped out of college because of a much needed break. I found that I was more down than I should be due to a lot of things surrounding my college experience.”

Kendall has bounced around the US all throughout her childhood living in 7 different cities growing up. When she found Edumadic, it gave her an opportunity to take that adventurous spirit global, while still having the safety net of a group to share the experience with. As well as the travel aspect she was excited to have the time and space to explore some other interests and really think deeply about what direction she wants to take her life in.

Fun fact about Kendall, she ran a marathon when she was 13! Although these days, she’s replaced her running shoes with a hula hoop and a camera.

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai
Koh Lanta