Katia is a 23 year old San Franciscan.

Since she was little, Katia had dreamt and worked toward becoming a ballerina.

“At the age of 17, after having trained and performed for over a decade, personal circumstances prevented me from pursuing a career. Without ever considering a “Plan B”, I went to college because I figured that was what I was supposed to do”.

Whilst Katia loved the materials she was studying, she wasn't completely happy and  just knew this form of education wasn't for her. Instead, she has decided to wait until she is truly passionate about something, to then commit to studying it in depth. Katia has travelled quite extensively growing up, having made trips to France and Russia on multiple occasions as well as Hawaii, Spain, Mexico and even lived in New York during the duration of her time at college.

Whilst Ballet is her life, even still today as she works as the operations manager for her parents ballet school, Katia loves photography.

“I have always had a camera by my side, and could spend a whole day just editing pictures - it is one thing that I can see myself doing every day. I very much enjoy taking abstract pictures - I like putting a twist on how we are able to see things - to create a new perspective”.

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