Joy is a 20 years old from Kenya and is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Galway, Ireland.

Whilst she is on our Bali program she has been studying writing and web development as she prepares to pursue game design when she returns back to university next semester. She will be aiming to gain real world skills that will enable her to build responsive websites, which will assist her in course and future career.

Whilst she has only travelled to Singapore prior to Edumadic, she has an adventurous spirit, a love for exploring

just knew that Bali would be the best choice to assist her in both her studies and love for adventure.“The atmosphere reflects on Bali as it has its own balance between its jaw dropping forests and its sandy beaches giving me a wide range for discovery. This change in environment is something I covet in my current situation and will give me the boost that I need to make decisions for my future studies”.

Since being on our Bali program, Joy has named and nurtured two stray cats (Winona and Benjamin), a dog (James) and now the girls on the third floor are often greeted by morning “meows” as the kittys wait patiently for their fave gal to awaken!

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