Josh is a 22 year old Philippines born American who dropped out of a Film and Television Production degree to pursue a career in Software Development.

After watching the documentary “Ivory Tower” in his critical thinking class at college, Josh became completely disillusioned with the formal education system. As a result of watching this documentary and seeing the success of family and friends doing programming work, Josh decided to drop out of college indefinitely and educate himself through online courses and resources. He was already taking a number of these courses as well as working on personal development when he heard about Edumadic through a friend. He’d already proven to himself that he has the self-discipline to educate himself this way, having taken up the Ketogenic diet as a new years resolution in 2015 and losing 60 pounds in 110 days!

Josh wanted to travel the world for some time now, to experience and learn everything that comes with the such an opportunity.

“Since the end of 2012 and the start of my first year in College, all I’ve ever known with definite resolve was that I wanted to explore and wander the world.

Due to financial reasons, I wasn’t able to leave my home area for a University or College far away. I deeply envy all my friends who were able to experience new environments, meet people, and build a sense of excitement being around a different way of life. There’s so much more out there for me than the 1% of the world I’ve been exposed to. With a quarter of my life already lived, I think it’s about time I got out there to see what I’m missing!”  

Thanks to Edumadic, his desire to travel and discover is even greater than before!

Josh is studying programming through a number of different resources online including edX and treehouse, and also likes to spend time exercising and reading books in the personal development genre such as the Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai