Jess T

Jess is a 24-year old from the west of England who holds a degree in Popular Music from the University of Gloucestershire.

Prior to joining Edumadic, Jess had only traveled to parts of Europe and the United States. She hadn't considered traveling on her own, and Asia was both intriguing and intimidating. While she debated pursuing a Master's degree in Music Psychology, she was also working remotely as a Social Media Evaluator and found herself in a bit of a rut. When her contract was up and she was still unsure of what career move to make next, that's when she found Edumadic!

Jess decided to take a break from the pressures of finding a job so she could pursue a few areas of interest online, and finally explore Asia with a group of new faces. She took a major leap outside of her comfort zone in order to change her perspective.

During the trip, Jess studied and received a diploma in Sound Therapy, and took a course on mindfulness-based stress reduction. She realized that you don't always have to study something to make a career out of it - genuine curiosity is reason enough!

Now that Jess has hit the reset button, she feels a renewed motivation to jump back into the job search. She's still figuring out what she wants to do in some creative capacity when she returns home, and that's okay! Edumadic gave her the freedom to consider her options, and the reassurance that no one has it all figured out. She feels more confident now to continue traveling, and to keep pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone.

When Jess isn't hard at work in her room (and blasting the AC), you can find her sampling and judging all the mojitos in every location!

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