Jess R

Jess is a 22-year old model from Los Angeles who is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

Between work and school, Jess has lived a fast-paced life having left a traditional school environment at the age of 15, to pursue modeling.</p><p>While she joins us on our Asian Fall program, she will not only be continuing her studies online, but she is looking to strengthen her relationship with herself and build connections with other like-minded people.

“I first heard about Edumadic from a sponsored message on Instagram. After looking into the programs and reading reviews from past Edumads, I am convinced that this is the change I have been searching for."

Jess has travelled a fair amount before joining Edumadic. There were regular trips during her childhood to Europe, where half of her family is from. But the most formative travel experience she has had was volunteering in Nepal last year.⁠

“I spent most of my time at the orphanage helping to supply the organization with things like new carpets, a fresh coat of paint and a water filtration system. However, the most memorable aspect from this trip was the connection I made with the children; The warmth and love we shared have remained one of the most gratifying experiences of my life."

Jess was already pursuing her undergraduate degree online before hearing about Edumadic, so it was a seamless transition from an online student/model to Edumad!

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