Jesse is a 23 year old from China who has been living and studying in Singapore since age 15!

She recently graduated from the Singapore University of Technology and Design and has been working as a UX designer and developer for a tech startup.

While researching her options for the 4-month gap between graduation and starting her new job in investment banking in 2018, she stumbled upon Edumadic and thought it was the perfect fit!

In addition to her degree in computer science, she will be focusing her studies on data science, security, and computer engineering-related topics. She also brought along her guitar and sketch book to keep herself engaged creatively as well.

Jesse’s greatest challenge and achievement in life is learning English. In China the English she learned is referred to as “mute English” where she learned grammar, essay writing, and vocabulary but rarely practiced conversational skills. When she moved to Singapore she had to rethink what she had been taught in order to communicate with her peers.

“When I was in my home country, I felt that at least I am a complete person. But when I came to this English-speaking world, I became deaf and blind…imagine a deaf person finally being able to hear and talk as per normal — this feeling is so good that you simply do not want to be deaf again…that’s why I wanted to really change when I came to this university, away from my old Chinese friends. I kept a blog, and my first entry inside reads ‘I’m going to this new school, I know absolutely no one, I don’t know what will happen. It is such a risk and I am going to take it.'"

She’s brought the confidence she’s gained by overcoming this obstacle to her educational pursuits and her participation in the program

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai
Koh Phangan