Jack is 21 and has been travelling around his home country of America since he was 18. For him, the decision of attending university or travel was easy.

Whilst adventuring through the US, he learned a wide variety of skills such as photography, videography, web development, and programming from sites like YouTube and Udemy. During his time in Bali, he plans to further educate himself in all these subjects.

Jack looks forward to being surrounded by group of people who are also studying and working online.

“Joining a trip with Edumadic allows me to fulfill everything I have been seeking without compromising the social aspect of traveling”.

Jack loves hiking, the outdoors, and has a great balance between living out his passions, studying and working. He loves to document his travels and is always working on bettering his skills.

His greatest achievement is moving away from his hometown and realising that he didn’t have to live the life others expected him to.

“Being on my own and being able to travel has taught me many lessons. One of the best lessons in my opinion has been being able to release things that no longer serve me. Freedom from attachment was the hardest thing to do: letting go of my family and friends, leaving behind my belongings, and forcing myself to be uncomfortable in order to allow new things into my life. It's allowed me to let go of materialism and enjoy the moments as they happen, never fearing change”.

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