Iz grew up in Chicago but decided to study abroad for the 4 years she will be at university.

She is currently undertaking english literature and history in Edinburgh, Scotland and once finished on our Bali summer program, will be spending the next year of her course in the Netherlands.

‘I love the idea of combining travel and learning, and believe that in doing so both experiences can be enhanced. I want to see more of the world, get outside of my comfort zone, build relationships, and develop my own sense of independence and adventure’.

Whilst Iz has been at university, she has co-founded an online publication that aimed to ‘make radical thought and activism accessible’.

“There was a lot of activism happening on campus at the time, but it was very disjointed, and we were struggling to figure out how to get involved. The Rattlecap was the solution, aiming to create a space that anyone could read or contribute to. The whole process has taught me a lot about how to create and imagine, and has developed my leadership skills and confidence. I learned how rewarding it can be to create something that’s your own, and to build community around a shared voice."

Iz spends her days studying, reading, visiting her favourite bakeries and coffee shops, cooking and even runs a radio show once a week! We are so happy to have Iz join us and we are so proud of how hard she has worked on her assignments during her time here in Bali!

Locations visited: