Halle-rose is a 19 year-old Canadian who grew up in Fort Myers, Florida. She’s most often found soaking up the sun on the beaches of Florida, and most recently, Bali!

After completing two years of a degree in elementary education at Flagler College, she found herself questioning if it was the right path for herself.

“Now as graduation seems to be coming at a scarily alarming pace, I wonder what I really want to do, what my purpose is, and what will make me truly happy in the future. More than ever I have found myself feeling very lost with not only school, but with myself.”

During her previous travels, Halle-rose met people who lived more alternative lifestyles; a woman running a clothing company out of a school bus, a couple who buys furniture from Bali and sells it in their store in Florida, and another couple who were inspired to open an acai bowl truck in St. Augustine after living in Hawaii. Halle-rose began to wonder if this was a path she could carve for herself as well.

To graduate on time, she needed to take an online class over the summer. When she stumbled upon Edumadic through a mutual friend, she knew it would be the perfect opportunity to explore a more alternative lifestyle and continue working towards her degree.

During her time on the program, Halle-rose will be taking a course in World Religions, which is a perfect complement to the spiritual and multi-religious culture of Bali.

Locations visited: