Fermin is a 22 year old American and Chicago native who graduated from the University of Illinois earlier this year with a Degree in Finance and Economics.

With his studies focused on business, he is an aspiring entrepreneur bursting with ideas for projects and business ventures he’d like to explore while on the program. He hopes to be inspired by his exposure to cultures, customs, and tastes that are vastly different from his own and use this trip as field research that might influence how he’d like to conduct his own business one day.

During his university years, Fermin took advantage of a study abroad program which took him to the University of Birmingham in England and introduced him to so many new friends from all over the world. It was incredible to learn about everyone’s experiences and views on different subjects that could be so different, yet so similar to his own, and it began to pique his curiosity for long-term travel.

“Traveling has become a huge goal of mine, but I also want to start several businesses over the span of my life. I thought both of these things to be incompatible, but recent findings prove otherwise. Perhaps this could be my opportunity to find a way to make e-commerce a feasible way of earning an income, all while meeting many great people, and hopefully making some lifelong friends!”

The community aspect of Edumadic will provide Fermin with fellow program participants from diverse backgrounds and areas of study, ready to share ideas and opinions, make an impact on his business goals, and share adventures together.

Locations visited:

Koh Phangan
Chiang Mai