Ethan is a 21 year old American from San Diego, who is joining us during a year out from college.⁠

Ethan jumped straight into a degree in Business and Accounting at the University of San Diego at the strong recommendation of his family. 2 years in and he’s not quite sure whether that’s the direction he wants to go in. In steps Edumadic.⁠

“I think that being a part of an Edumadic program will expose me to different aspects of life and work that I have never seen before, take me out of my comfort zone, and reveal some interests and passions that I never knew I had, helping me to choose a career path that I am satisfied with and excited to pursue in the future.”⁠

Ethan was fortunate enough to have travelled with his family throughout his childhood, although never for longer than a 2 week holiday. He’s conscious that there are many other cultures in the world other than the American one he grew up in, and appreciates the value in learning about these cultures. ⁠

Fun fact about Ethan, he recently interned at a tattoo parlour! So when he’s not working through the academic classes he’s enrolled in through our college partners, he can be found sketching tattoo designs for the other Edumads!⁠

You can find Ethan on Instagram @ethan_wilson

Locations visited:

Canary Islands