Erin P

Erin is a 22 year old American from Pennsylvania and a budding entrepreneur. Currently living in Oklahoma City, she has completed two years at Rose State College and will soon be attending Oklahoma University to major in English.

She’s worked hard to put herself through college while balancing retail jobs, and this is her chance to escape her routine for a bit during a transitional phase in her life, and really allow herself the space to grow as an individual and an entrepreneur.

She has been spending her time on this trip learning Spanish while tutoring her fellow Edumads in English and German, and indulging in her artistic side; drawing and painting, writing poetry, and reading keep her creativity flowing every day as she continues to search for inspiration through new cultures, foods, sounds, and colors.

When she first discovered Edumadic, she had been wanting to travel abroad for quite some time, but found life and school to be constant deterrents.

“Being from a small town with very limited travel experience, Edumadic provides a stepping stone into the traveling world for me. It provides community and security by traveling with others.”

Erin is just getting started on her travel bucket list, and she’s confident that the more she explores outside of her comfort zone and the more she learns about the ups and downs of travel, the more she feels confident in her abilities to now travel on her own. She’s already planning to travel through Central and South America next year!

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai
Koh Phangan