Emma is from the UK and has completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in British History.

These degrees have kept her very busy and unfortunately she didn’t have the opportunity to study abroad during those 4 years of study, as most of the sources she required were in various parts of her home country.

Now, Emma is studying for a Masters in Public Administration through the University of York. She’s able to complete this degree entirely online, and before joining the program was working full time alongside her studies. Whilst on our Bali spring program, Emma plans to write her 10,000 word dissertation.

At just 19 years old, Emma was elected as a politician and between the years of 2012-2017, was a councillor for the chamber of Newport City.

“I knew that my presence meant that young people had a voice. I already knew young people have opinions on what matters, and this was my chance to be heard. I participated in making big decisions and caring about the services that people received. I learned a lot and it gave me a huge opportunity to help people”.

Not only has Emma helped those in her local community, but has travelled to many countries doing some amazing volunteer and charity work. From teaching at schools in Fiji to assisting on projects in Mexico and Belize, there is no doubt that she has a passion for people and adventure.

In her spare time, Emma loves the flute, dancing and has recently registered to become a Zumba instructor, which will soften the return to reality once the program is over!

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