Declan is an 18-year-old Canadian from Alberta.

Having just graduated high school, Declan was unsure of what to do next.

“I was unsure if I wanted to spend this money on travel or head directly to post-secondary, and that is when I discovered Edumadic, which sounded like the perfect solution to my issue.”⁠

During our Asia Fall program, he will be taking some first year university courses through Athabasca University in both science and French language. ⁠

“My interest in bilingualism stems from my personal experiences with others who can speak more than one language with ease and witnessing firsthand how valuable a skill it is. It also provides me with a fun new way to challenge myself and make connections with other people I otherwise would not be able to”. ⁠⁠

Declan already has plenty of travel experience under his belt, having traveled to Mexico and Europe, where he spent a month living with a host family in France. He also spent a few weeks in Scotland competing in judo.⁠You can usually find Declan out exploring nature, playing his ukulele or seeking out delicious Thai cuisine!

Locations visited:

Chiang Mai
Koh Phangan