Charlotte is a 24 year old Canadian who has recently graduated with two degrees in French and Education.

Charlotte first heard about Edumadic way back in 2016 before a single program had ever run! Since that mysterious ad popped up on instagram she’s been eagerly following the growth of the company, waiting for a moment where an Edumadic program would fit into her life. That moment finally came!

“I’ve just graduated with two degrees, I’m not yet ready to dive into full-time employment, and am hoping to continue life as a student for a little while longer. The opportunity to travel with a group of people with similar goals sounds fantastic! It seems as though every Edumad that’s showcased is a person who I’d really love to get to know.”

Her most recent degree was from teachers college. Charlotte hopes to put that to use in the near future, but first she wants to add a few more strings to her bow before signing on with a school board, all of which she plans to do while on this Edumadic program! She’s taking 3 additional courses that will allow her to teach French and History at High School level, and also qualify her to teach special needs children.

It was a year spent in France that gave Charlotte the travel bug.

“As cliché as it is to rave about your year abroad, I absolutely adored it. I met so many amazing people, including lots of international students, with whom I did a lot of travelling.”

Having jumped around Europe during that year, Charlotte is ready to branch further afield to the more humid and culturally diverse region of South East Asia!

These days you can find Charlotte floating around the back streets of Chiang Mai, thanking and politely declining every offer of a tuk tuk ride that is thrown her way, as all good Canadians do!

Locations visited:

Koh Phangan
Chiang Mai