Charlie is 23 years old and from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Whilst spending 12 weeks with us on the program, he will be studying business, finance and music production, and coding!

After learning silversmithing, Charlie now has his own business selling gems and mineral jewellery. Whilst he continues to grow ‘Aion Products’, he also works in the hospitality industry but believes that due to his passion and drive, he will be able to work full time creating jewellery, within the next year.

When he isn’t building his business, Charlie loves to make down-tempo electronic music and lives with his friends who all have similar passions, allowing them to collaborate and even perform at festivals and  concerts together!

"I like to go out to concerts and love music. In fact I often will be vending selling my jewelry and minerals at the music events I attend."

Charlie loves being outdoors, hiking, camping and has done many backpacking trips over the years. When he isn't hanging out with group or hunting down the spiciest food he can find here in Thailand, he is off getting lost in nature!

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