Caylie is a 24 year old Nevadan who’s been itching to get out into the world for some time.

“I have been wanting to travel for awhile now, but just needed that little bit of extra encouragement. I think having a group of like minded individuals to travel with is just that! Also, I saw that it is possible to earn college credits while traveling, which is amazing because the college I attend now does not offer students to study abroad.”

Caylie has always taken classes online through her college so combining them with world travel was an easy step to take.

As with many young people, Caylie has understandably struggled to commit to a major for her degree and has switched focuses a few times already. She’s been working in hospitality since turning 18 alongside her studies, and her delay in completing her degree has not held her back from starting a career.

Caylie is hoping this time out from her daily grind will help her see the world a little differently, and get some clarity on which direction she wants to take her degree once and for all.

“It may inspire me to choose an entirely new career path, or maybe you have courses I could take that may further me in the current one I have chosen.”

On the program, you can find Caylie out on a hike, at the rock climbing gym, or simply soaking up the European winter sun by the water!

You can find Caylie on instagram: @cayliebaby

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