Cassie F

Cassie is a 19 year old from Sydney, Australia and she joins our program after taking a much needed leave of absence from university.

It all started during Year 12 when she felt an immense pressure to choose a degree and attend university; she wasn’t prepared yet to make such a definitive decision about her future career, and she knew travel was calling her name.

Deep down, Cassie knew that she needed higher education in order to pursue her career goals, but she couldn’t quite commit to staying in one location for the next three years of her life. By chance she stumbled across Edumadic on Instagram and says it was basically “love at first sight!”.

She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America but had yet to explore Asia, and she became determined to combine both travel and education, which aligned perfectly with her career plans.

Cassie will be working towards a diploma of Freelance Travel Journalism from The Morris Journalism Academy, which happens to be conducted completely online — the ultimate educational experience for aspiring Edumads! Her main priority is to create a career that she is passionate about, and she refuses to settle for anything less.

“The idea of travelling anywhere in the world and getting paid to write about it is my idea of a perfect life. This course will teach me how to write and sell my work to thousands of newspapers, magazines & websites anywhere in the world. My true passion is with animals, so my ultimate goal is to work with and write about all kinds of animals all over the world.”

It’s a bold move to veer left on the traditional educational path and put your happiness first, and she is definitely paving the way for others to follow in her footsteps.

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