Carly is a 22 year-old American who is currently studying Global and International Studies with a minor in Comparative Religions at Western Michigan University.

Throughout college, Carly wanted to study abroad, but couldn’t find a program that fit her desire for both independence and a sense of community. When she stumbled upon Edumadic, she knew she’d found the perfect balance of the two.

“Edumadic is the perfect combination of study, experience abroad, individuality, and an opportunity to meet locals in a foreign country, as well as like-minded people who enjoy travel and education. I love the idea of learning at my own pace, learning about a new culture, and making friends along the way!”

Although Carly was initially apprehensive about flying halfway across the world with people she had never met before, she quickly bonded with the other participants.

“The other day we were talking about how quickly we’ve become close, and that it normally takes years to develop this level of comfort we have with one another.”

While here on the program, Carly will be taking a class in global economics, the perfect complement to her Global and International Studies degree.

“While in Bali, I would like to learn more about those who are visiting or living in Bali long term who are from other countries, and the effects they may have on the tourism industry, the local economy, and the local community.”

This opportunity to travel and study has given her just that; an intimate look into the life of the other Edumads, travelers, locals, and digital nomads who drive much of the economy here in Bali.

Locations visited: