Caitlin C

Caitlin is a 22 year old American and recent graduate of the University of Michigan where she earned a degree in Psychology and a minor in Environmental Science.

Like so many students before her, Caitlin wasn’t satisfied with immediately fulfilling any career expectations upon graduation. As her peers began to accept 9–5 jobs, she started asking different questions.

“…I feel like I’ve only just begun my educational journey…how can I continue to learn on my own? What type of lifestyle will provide the space and community to do that? Randomly stumbling upon the Edumadic website, I felt a wave of excitement, that someone, somewhere, was thinking along the same lines that I was.”

In her quest to continue learning, Edumadic allows Caitlin the time to reflect on the material and discussions she has absorbed during the last four years of university, and identify where there might be gaps in her education, as well as where there is room to grow.

Caitlin intends to develop her own program for college-aged students that would give them the opportunity to explore their personal purpose in life and how they can reach their full potential.

“I believe that every young person should have the space to be asked these important, and very human questions, about what makes life meaningful for them, I want to create the space for them to do so."

Most days you can find Caitlin enjoying an outdoor adventure, deep in discussion with her fellow Edumads, and soaking up every second of this experience. She learned that some of the greatest rewards in life often lie on the other side of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. She’s promised herself to keep pushing outside of her comfort zone every chance she gets!

Locations visited:

Koh Phangan
Chiang Mai