Asa (or Ace to his friends) is a 24 year old Canadian from London, Ontario. He was in his final year of university when he heard about Edumadic.

He had just returned home to Canada after spending a year abroad in England, and had well and truly caught the the travel bug. Once he had completed his degree in cultural studies, Ace decided it would be his goal to join us in Bali; and we are so glad he did!

Whilst on our Spring program, he is studying an online TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) course which he will use to work abroad as an ELS educator. Ace plans on attending teachers college in the future but right now, his priority is gaining life experience through study and travel.

Ace loves music and you will often find him with his guitar, serenading our Edumads of an evening. He started his own band when he was only 9 years old and in the 10 years that they played, they recorded 2 fully mastered albums and had over 100 original songs!

“This band is my greatest achievement because it taught me that failure is not a failure if you learn something or gain something from the experience”. When Ace isn’t working on his TEFL certification, he can usually be found balancing stones on the beach, here in Canggu. It is fascinating for us to watch the amount of skill and concentration that goes into each tower!“

Rock stacking is more than just hobby, it can be used as a tool to help cope with the many stresses that we as people endure on a daily basis. It is the perfect balance of meditation and exercise, introvertism and extrovertism and influencing and respecting our natural surroundings”.

Locations visited: