Artasia is 20 years old from Texas, United States.

She has been looking for an opportunity to study abroad since she began college and as of Fall 2019, she will begin a 15 month accelerated bachelor of nursing program, and not have the time or the means to travel until after graduation.

‘Although nursing is my passion, I can not wait to satiate my need to travel, experience new cultures, make connections with like-minded people, experience a world outside of the stuffy library, and actually make use of my school's online courses’

Whilst on the program, Artasia will be completing her prerequisites in pathophysiology and pharmacology. Due to these classes being completely online, she hopes it will give her space to breathe as well as refocus and improve her attention to her studies.This is her first time to Asia, her only international experience beforehand being to Ireland with her college marching band.

Artasia’s proudest achievement is the independence she developed at a young age. Her family didn’t receive the same opportunities as she has had and her school wasn't the best in college preparation so she took to her own devices to ensure she had every chance possible to get in.. and she did!

“I learned that I can't just sit and wait for something to happen, or to always depend on someone else. I have to know when it's time to make moves on my own, and when it's time to take a step back and get help. There are a lot of people living at one extreme or the other. Being too dependent, or too proud to ask for help. I'm proud of my finding what works for me, at a young age”

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