Anna M

Anna is a 23-year-old American who has a degree in Health Science from Benedictine University near Chicago, Illinois.

Throughout university, Anna made a point of collecting life-long experiences through mission trips to communities in need. Her first time on a plane was to the Philippines, where she spent 1.5 weeks building houses for a community. Since then, Anna has also spent 3 weeks in Bolivia assisting in orphanages and providing care at the local hospital.

After graduating, Anna decided to take time off of school and work to save money for graduate school. With the time off, she really focused on what career path she wanted to pursue.

“Originally, I was leaning towards being a Physician’s Assistant, however with my experience as a CNA at a nursing home, I realized that I’d be more interested in pursuing Public Health. I really enjoy the administrative side of the Health Care System and I hope that this will give me the chance to make an impact on the system altogether”.

Along with her change of interest in careers, Anna realized that enrolling in some refresher courses will better prepare her for Grad school. Anna found Edumadic at the perfect time! During our trip, Anna is working on introductory courses in Psychology and Business. By the time Anna returns home, she will be in the perfect position to start applying for Post-grad programs.

“I really enjoy the free time that Edumadic offers. It also gives me the opportunity to really focus on school while traveling to new places. I am interested in enrolling in online Masters programs that will allow me to continue my passion for traveling.”

When Anna isn’t hard at work and acing exams, you can find her lounging by the pool, pursuing her interest in photography and updating her travel Instagram and blog!</p>

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