Anna J

Anna is a 25 year old American from Dallas, Texas who recently left her job to go on the adventure of a lifetime and continue expanding her education and personal growth.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2014, she delayed joining the workforce in favor of leaving the comfort of home and spending 10 months working as an au pair in Cologne, Germany. She knew she wasn’t ready to jump into a traditional job, and while living abroad she found a new confidence in herself to seek new opportunities that would continue to challenge her.

After returning home from Germany, Anna began working in the digital marketing department for a weekly newspaper in Dallas. She started to explore online classes to gain new and useful skills, but soon realized that a full-time job didn’t give her the time and energy she needed to really make the most of the online learning experience. When she discovered Edumadic, it was the final push she need to make a major life decision to step away from her job and take the time to travel and study.

“I feel that to really grasp the skills and concepts being taught, I need the courses to be my main priority and that just has not been possible in my current situation.”

Anna will now be making the most of her time taking courses in Web Design and Development that will give her more career flexibility and allow her to keep traveling. She’s hoping to recapture the freedom she felt when she made the leap to Germany, and find a new path to take post-Edumadic with even more confidence in her abilities to go after what she wants in life.

“I don’t like to say I came back a different person because I don’t think I did. I like to think that through the challenges I worked through moving to Germany finally helped me find the confidence I had always been looking for to truly be myself. I wasn’t afraid to hide from people anymore. I think a big part of this was that the friends I made were like-minded people I had been looking for my whole life.”

After the transformative experience she had in Germany, she can’t wait to see how life changing 3 months with Edumadic will be.

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