Anna is a 20 year old from Washington and this is her first trip out of the United States!

Prior to coming to Bali, she was finishing her prerequisites for nursing school, but as she drew closer to completing them she started to question whether nursing is really her passion. She'll be spending her time exploring some new fields, specifically, literature and poetry. She also wants to take this time to reconnect with herself.

“I was on an amazing path that was bettering me and contributing to my mental and physical health every single day. After enduring several hardships I noticed myself losing touch with everything I had worked so hard for. I have been seeking joy and fulfillment in things that leave me empty, wondering what I can do to work back towards my goal”.

This is an exciting and brave change for Anna; one that she hopes will lead her to create genuine joy and peace, within herself and others.Anna is committed to self development and after her solo move to Colorado at 17, she has uncovered her strength, independence and sense of adventure.

Anna looks forward to exploring Bali, living minimalistically and making time to create and write; something she has not set aside time to do in her busy life back home. Her goal for this trip is to write her own poetry book whilst completing her online course in creative writing. She hopes to expand her knowledge of different poetry forms and techniques from around the world. ⁣

Locations visited: