Allison E

Allison is a 24 year old American student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, currently in her final semester of a Community Engagement and Education degree.

Having spent the first three years of her degree on campus, Allison started to feel limited by the repetitiveness and predictability of college life. Fortunately for her, many of her degree’s credits were offered entirely online. Allison took full advantage of this by packing her bags and moving to Nashville for a change of pace and scenery, where she spent the past year living and studying online.

When she found Edumadic, it appeared clear to her that there was no reason she couldn’t continue studying online from the other side of the world, just as easily as she had been doing from Nashville. Joining the program would also mean that she could get a better understanding of the world we live in.

“I hope to improve my personal impact on the world as I continue to explore, learn, and begin my career…my research and studies have allowed me to understand that if you want to make a difference, it’s important to be completely immersed and respectfully understand the social and environmental issues that you hope to aid in order to be able to make true impact or enable lasting change.”

Allison is taking the final four classes of her degree online whilst she’s with us on the program, as well as staying active by exploring the local fitness scene in each location.

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