Allison C

Allison is a 25 year old Canadian who’s been working as a graphic designer since graduating in 2013.

Since joining the real world, Allison has been dedicated to getting ahead in her chosen field. After 5 years she started to long for something different. She considered relocating to another city and finding a new job, but wanted to first develop her skills in preparation for more advanced design opportunities... The question then became how?

“I researched professional development courses and university study abroad programs, but wasn’t convinced either could fulfill my needs: a self-paced, customized curriculum for the tech skills I was missing, and a chance to break out of my comfort zone via new cultural experiences.”

When Allison found Edumadic, it seemed to check all the boxes she was looking for.

“I would be able to put my full focus on learning these industry-specific skills, and in doing so, build on my career and spark new possibilities at the intersection of work, culture, and travel.”

During the program Allison has been updating the skills that she learnt during university, through platforms such as Lynda and the Interaction Design Foundation. Much of what she was taught in school quickly became outdated or forgotten when it wasn’t put to use in her day to day work.

Allison has creativity running through her veins. When she’s not designing for work she’s sketching, embroidering, designing tattoos for her friends, or most recently, posting hilarious Instagram stories that have been splitting our sides for the entire program!

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