Alex O

Alex is an 18 year old french-canadian from Quebec and has joined our Bali summer program with nature in mind!

“Indonesia has been on my bucket list ever since I feasted my eyes on the beauty of its waterfalls and local life”.  

Currently studying social sciences and business, Alex is passionate about his degree; however, having been in a classroom setting for so long, this style of learning began to drain him of his motivation.

‘I wanted to attend the Edumadic program because it is exactly what I have been looking for. To travel and pursue business-minded course along the way’.

He follows many sports closely and has a passion for Formula 1 racing. In his spare time, Alex enjoys photography and videography.

Whilst Alex has travelled before, this will be his longest trip away from home and we are so glad he chose to join us! This trip has truly enabled him to feel more confident, not only in travelling  but also in who he is as a person.

Locations visited: