Agravante (a.k.a. Tae) is a 21 year old American from Missouri who currently calls Detroit home, where she works as a project coordinator.

She recently took a break from attending university to focus on herself, dip her toe in the working world, and determine where she wants to direct her energy and attention. She spent time traveling by car around the US, and even briefly moved to Florida in search of a new adventure.

Her search to find balance between an office job and travel eventually led her to Edumadic where she felt a connection to the core mission of the program.

“While researching study abroad programs and their culture, I couldn’t find any that shared my ambition or desires. Being able to see your values balance comfortably within a community is like finding home.”

Working remotely for her company while she’s traveling is teaching her invaluable lessons in productivity and time management, and opening up a world of career possibilities.Aside from keeping up with her professional responsibilities, Tae’s main motivation is to constantly improve herself through daily reading, writing, and reflection; her personal journey is just as important as her professional and educational journey — and she has seen a ton of growth.

“I’ve managed to not only love myself completely, but every person I meet as well. Every new day, with every new experience, is an achievement I am more than proud of.”

After Edumadic concludes, Tae plans to get her cybersecurity certification to allow for more remote work options, and she intends to renovate a van and join the nomadic #vanlife movement!

Locations visited:

Koh Phangan
Chiang Mai