Taylor L's day in Chiang Mai

9am — 11am:

In the morning I complete a session of stretching before I start the day. Then I usually go down to the street and grab a breakfast from one of the street vendors — you can get a bag of fried eggs and rice plus a bag of sliced fruit for about 30 cents each!

11am — 5pm Daily adventure:

I head out for the day and try to find a bit of peace from the fast pace of the busy city streets. Usually I head for the hills, walking through the forest or visiting one of the local waterfalls. I recently spent a day volunteering at an elephant sanctuary and put in some manual labor to help with the landscaping.

5 — 8pm Street eats and productivity:

After exploring and walking around the city for a bit in the late afternoon, I like to find an inexpensive place to eat from one of the many food stalls on the street close to home. Then I’ll retreat to my room to work on assignments and watch my scheduled educational videos for the day.

8pm — 2am Shenanigans:

Some nights we go out on the town, groovin’ at Zoe in Yellow, jumping in songtaews to Spicy, and ending the night making a fool of myself at Living Room if we stay out that late.

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