Taylor E's day in Chiang Mai

Taylor E
November 7, 2017

10am — 12pm  Get ready for the day:

With most of my nights being late ones, I’ve spent the majority of my mornings here in Chiang Mai sleeping in. I usually spend the first hour of my day getting ready, catching up with my friends and family back home, and coordinating plans with the other Edumads.

12–4pm   Lunch & study time:

After a sleepy morning, I’ll meet up with a few others and head to one of our favourite lunch spots. Most often we end up going to a create-your-own-salad place that’s a quick walk away as well as being a cheap and healthy option. After lunch I usually head to one of the many cozy cafes, where I spend a few hours working on the coursework that goes along with my Animal Welfare Certificate Program.

4–6pm   Relaxing:

After a few hours of studying it’s always nice to chill out for a while. This usually consists of listening to music in my room, hanging out with one or two pals, reading, or occasionally watching some Netflix.

6pm-9pm  Market adventures:

After some nice quality downtime, I’m ready to take on the world again. My favourite place to find dinner is one of the amazing night markets that the city is filled with. Nothing can beat the large variety of dishes that are cheap and cater to almost any diet. I’ll grab a plate of Pad Thai, a bowl of Khao Soi, or some super cheap sushi, and sit in the crowded square surrounded by people enjoying a plethora of different meals.

9pm-??  Anything can happen:

Every night brings something different for me: if I decide I wasn’t productive enough during the day I might go to C.A.M.P., the 24-hour co-working space, and study into the wee hours of the morning; if it was a long day I might hang out in somebody’s room for a few hours or have a group movie night; or I might join a few others to go bar-hopping and party the night away. Whatever ends up happening, as long as I make it back to my bed in one piece I consider it a successful day!