Melissa's day in Chiang Mai


I’m not a morning person, so I use this time to catch up with friends and family via text/FaceTime/Skype. With a 12hr time difference its the best time for everyone and I get to stay in bed longer.


My search for the next smoothie bowl continues…so many options! I also write a bit during this time, whether it’s personal reflection or a draft for my next blog post. I’m also catching up on a ton of new music on Spotify and adding to playlists to listen to throughout the day.


I study best in longer stretches of time, so I pick a café in the Nimman area to work from, and if I need a change of scenery I’ll try a new place or head over to the CAMP work space in the Maya mall. I’m taking courses on entrepreneurship and customer relationship management, but also taking time to job search and network with startups to start preparing for whatever happens post-Edumadic.


Pre-dinner Thai massage. It hurts so good and is the perfect way to relieve any stress from the day.


I’ll catch up with fellow Edumads for dinner, whether we explore a food market for cheap eats or head to our favourite Mexican spot, it’s a good time to catch up.

9pm — 2am?:

We’re always up for pre-gaming with a few games of pool before a night out of dancing and club hopping. Chiang Mai nightlife is pretty vibrant and we’re known to follow the backpacker scene from Zoe in Yellow to Spicy to…Burger King. Or pad thai from a street cart. Depends on the kind of night we have!

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