Jorien's day in Chiang Mai

7–7:30am Wake up with some motivational audio:

I like to listen to some sort of motivational audio or positive affirmations in the morning. They put me in a great frame of mind to seize the day and I always hear a new important life listen. Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn are particular favourites to listen to.

8–10 Muay Thai:

I found a Muay Thai training centre a 20 minute walk away from our apartments. Although the 2 hour sessions are completely exhausting, it’s a great way to clear my mind in the morning.

11–1:30 Studying in my room:

I’m currently enrolled in a Spanish course that I’m completing via distance learning. I find it really useful to repeat words and phrases out loud so my room is the best place for me to study.

2–3 Lunch at Salad Concept:

I’ve found a great little place close by called Salad Concept that is fast becoming a favourite of mine. It’s a salad bar where you can choose all the ingredients of your salad yourself. I like to have a light lunch to leave room for the multiple meals we usually have for dinner!

3:30–5:30 More studying:

Back to the desk for a couple of hours! I find working in shorter bursts throughout the day helps me stay concentrated on the subject at hand better than 5 or so hours straight. That’s one of the great things about this program. We have the freedom to study at our own pace, on a schedule that suits our individual learning style.

5:30–6:30 Chat with friends and family on Skype:

I usually speak to at least one friend or family member each day.

7–10 Explore the night bazaar:

There’s a large night market on every night to the east of the city. We like to look around the local street sellers and feast on a number of the food stalls in the area. Thai street food has got to be some of the most delicious food on the planet, hence the lunch. I more than make up for it every night at one of the many food markets in the city!

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